03 February 2011

Week Zero: Update

As previously mentioned, I resumed my training for shorter distances (i.e.: Olympic/Sprint Tri) on Sunday. After excessively over-indulging following my birthday and through the weekend in both spirits and food, I decided to begin my reset on Sunday. This wasn't anything major, just get back on the right track with a real low-key week of training and making sure I'm eating both right and well. Weighing in Sunday morning I was 160.6, a high for quite some time. My racing weight is somewhere in the lower 140's, probably 143 or so. So I'm just looking for a steady drop to get back into that range by, say, April?

I've never had troubles getting into the mid-high 140's, but the low 140's is a bit challenging. If I'm going to be lifting more, I'll probably settle with about 145 as a race weight. It all depends on the PBM Elite Team and also what sort of training schedule (if any) comes from that. I'm really excited about the Elite Team, especially with the caliber of coaches over at PBMC. I know Kurt Perham personally and have seen him crush some races, one of which I was second place, but by a rough 3.5 minutes. I should be hearing back about the official aspects of the team in the next couple of weeks, which I am very anxiously awaiting.

Aside from that I set up my entire week's schedule including: classes, meetings, my newly added research position (to be touched on at a later date), and, most importantly :) , the training schedule. I haven't included possible lifting times, but you'll get the idea.

Workouts for the Week:
  • 5 Running: 1 Long, 1 Workout, 1 Tempo
  • 4-5 Cycling
  • 3-4 Rollers
  • 4 Swimming
  • 3 Yoga
  • 3 Core
  • Additional Possibilities: 2 Lifting, which would probably push core to be attached to one of the other workouts.
It may look like a lot, but given my relatively easy class schedule this semester it is actually quite feasible. Once I hear back on the PBM Elite Team, that will dictate the specifics of the workouts and may alter scheduling a little.

This week is going well and will end up being: ~3mi swim, ~25mi run, ~115mi bike. All at a very easy effort, so it is a pretty light workload overall. Looking forward to amping it up in the coming weeks!

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